🏆 Dexsport Introduction

Welcome to the Dexsport documentation portal
Today, the betting platforms market is occupied by monopolists - big players, who control the odds on various events. It complicates the situation not only for the owners of smaller platforms but also for players themselves: even if they win fairly, they will find it difficult to get their money due to constant identification procedures and stricter payouts.
In order to change the situation, authors of the Dexsport project developed decentralized betting platform, in which users will play with a shared pool of liquidity and receive winnings via blockchain. This platform includes sports betting, play to earn betting, prediction marketplace, P2P betting on exchange rates, and NFT art collecting.
The decentralized platform format was chosen due to the transparency of procedures and the increasing popularity of DAO. DeFi provides unique opportunities for players in the gambling space. Has a decentralized protocol, betting will need no bookmaker for a bet to be placed.The market for DeFi projects is becoming increasingly solid, vast and saturated, and Dexsport will obviously enhance its growth and development and be entitled as a brand new decentralized betting platform, where every user will be able to observe in person all the processes previously hidden from him and receive his winnings honestly.
Last modified 10mo ago