Market Analysis

The gambling and betting market is growing rapidly, especially with the development of digital technologies. Its capitalization is now estimated at almost $900 billion. According to independent sources, this is not the limit, and the field has huge potential to grow and attract innovations. In DeFi, investment growth has increased significantly even in a single year: in 2020 it was around $606 M, and already in the first quarter of 2021 it was capitalized at $64 B.
The introduction of blockchain technology has helped take a big step forward. Decentralized platforms have helped improve contact with the audience: users can now see what is inside the gambling and betting market ecosystem, how transactions take place, and how easy it is to get their winnings.
Dexsport is a project that will attract two large groups of a common audience. Firstly, blockchain users and smart technology adepts: they are open to anything new and already understand the intricacies of interacting with digital assets. Cryptocurrency holders will be interested in the cryptocurrency betting section, as well as the ability to contribute assets to the liquidity pool for a fee.
Secondly, gambling and betting enthusiasts, for whom simplifying the user journey is one of the big pluses when it comes to changing the hobby platform. Getting your winnings in DeFi is easy and safe, unlike classic platforms, and it will attract a large portion of the audience.