Mission & Objectives

The current version of Dexsport is an enormous work of many people. The Core Team analyzed the market, collected data, surveyed users, built comfortable user paths, and shaped the design and tone of voice of the project.
Dexsport meets the needs of the present - the demand for high quality projects whose processes are transparent to everyone. Decentralized platforms aim to improve existing financial system and a lot of other institutions and processes in our everyday life.
Betting dApps, unlike their centralized counterparts, run on decentralized blockchain networks and are designed to function without the use of a third-party middleman. Instead, they use self-executing smart contracts that are hard-coded to automate platform functions. This dynamic has significant implications for the future of online gambling, including improved user experience and verifiable fairness.
Dexsport's mission is to create a brand new truly decentralized betting platform with a liquidity pool, where each participant can connect via Web3 and contribute their own liquidity to the pool. Main objective of that platform is to improve its users' lives by means of popularisation of decentralized systems, elimination of intermediaries in the process of betting activity, provision of the opportunity to give user's liquidity to the pool and making the betting market more open and decentralized.