The roadmap of the Dexsport project

Between 2021 and 2022, the Core Team will complete all the core functionality of the platform and release specific applications. In addition to product development, every phase includes thorough testing, bug detection process and a third-party security audit.
Throughout the Dexsport project development process, its core team strives to create a global community of players using the project and its features. In order to constantly improve user experience, the feedback received is carefully processed and handled.

This is the first public version of our product. In it, we will test the initial functionality of our platform on bets in the test network, after which we will go to the mainet.

This update will affect the complete redesign of the platform. New chain and pools will be added, as well as work on bugs based on the feedback collected from the community.

This update will be aimed at the full gamification of the platform and the creation of public custom user profiles. Work will also continue on improving the performance of the product.